Who we are

We are pragmatic commercial experts with a history of successfully exiting legacy contracts and re-procurement. We apply transformational expertise using agile delivery methods to procure user-centred digital, technology and other large scale infrastructure services.

We make commercial activities simpler by applying proportionate governance and plain language. We encourage a culture that challenges process but complies with commercial and procurement law.  

Working this way enables the teams we partner with to adapt and thrive in complex and uncertain environments.We apply our proven Commercial Principles to all of our delivery. 

How we are different

We are not another procurement consultancy. We know procurement in the pursuit of a lower cost all too often compromises service.

Procuring things well, for and with, service users and customers, using agile delivery methods to achieve value is more challenging. We excel in doing this alongside delivering contract exits.

We specialise in this new way of working. We introduce a culture, working practices and commercial arrangements that are:

– user designed

– flexible

– efficient 

– transferable.

By working this way we create value and deliver change without disrupting business. 

Our culture

We pride ourselves in No-Nonsense Delivery driven by:

  • Simplicity: we have strong experience of working in complex commercial environments which often have challenging procurement demands. We utilise our experience to make our interactions with our clients and their users as simple as possible.
  • Delivery: we know how important this is so we work in an interactive way. We specialise in working with clients who are driven by delivering services: prototypes, discoveries, alphas and full live services.
  • Legal: we help our clients challenge their policies. We help our clients deliver early. We help our clients speak with their market. We bring our focus on creating minimum viable governance. This encourages the teams we partner with to develop a proportionate risk management mindset, work more closely and iteratively with suppliers, challenge the prevailing rules and processes whilst working within the law.

All of which help our clients:

  • engage with and stimulate markets, 
  • develop the right commercial strategy,
  • exit complex legacy contracts; and
  • deliver procure services to achieve long term user value.

Our people

We bring together the most experienced digital and technology procurement practitioners and large scale commercial exit experts to deliver services to our clients and ultimately their users.  

Our delivery focused multidisciplinary team includes a pool of specialists who have worked on many challenging change portfolios in various areas of the public, private and third sectors. 

Some of these organisations include: