The first ever #ProcurementHour

For a while we’ve been thinking of running a live question and answer session where people can talk about procurement. At this year’s #ProcurementUnconference19 – the demand for #ProcurementHour was confirmed. People want to use social media to have a friendly chat about procurement.

For the first #ProcurementHour we joined forces with top procurement professional, Mark Culley. We talked with Mark about our expectations and to be honest, they were low. We would be happy if one person joined us. And thankfully we had a few more.

Why Thursday at 2000BST

We wanted #ProcurementHour to be fun. We think as the working week progresses people need even more fun and Thursdays are the new Friday. We tested 2000BST as we want as many people as possible across other countries to be involved.

Who joined

A fair few people joined. These people came from various procurement backgrounds: operations, leadership, training, thought leaders, academics and lawyers. It was also great that other procurement stakeholder joined: procurement services users, end users, data analysts, prodders. Take a look at #ProcurementHour to see who joined, there were some good’uns.

What was discussed

#ProcurementHour kicked off with: “Will the Public Contracts Regulations and OJEU still be around if we leave the EU?.

This was a really good opener. Many things followed, such as:

Things then moved onto: “if you could change one thing about procurement (processes, legal, governed, culture, other) to make delivery better what would it be?”. Well this was a really interesting one with lots of conversation:

  • more stakeholder engagement
  • what element of culture needs to change, and why we don’t think we can change it
  • benefits of entrenching procurement within a bigger department to get more visibility/influence etc rather than stand alone. (But not accounts.)
  • risk: who owns its, who’s job it is, averting it
  • processes: the importance of following them but the boldness needed to deviate from them – or replace them entirely.

The conversations went much wider than this and covered additional subjects.

Next steps

We think there is appetite to make this a regular slot so we are going to give it a go. We’ll do some user research to understand what users need: right day of the week, right time of the day, other.

Procurement rules

This wouldn’t be procurement without some rules. Thankfully we only have one. That is: please ensure you use the hashtag #ProcurementHour in every tweet.

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